Wednesday 24 June 2015

McLaren collection pop-up shop in Hakata Daimaru

Between 3rd – 9th June, S.T.Dupont Japan opened a pop-up shop in the heart of the Hakata Daimaru department store to launch the prestigious McLaren collection. The store is situated in Fukuoka City’s Tenjin Area, the largest commercial area in Kyushu, making it the ideal location for such an event. The full McLaren collection was on show, consisting of a number of luxurious luggage items along with the Defi-line pen, wallet and key ring. The pop-up shop even included a life-size model of one of the McLaren Formula 1 drivers, wearing a specially made S.T.Dupont helmet! The new Race Machine Limited Edition collection by S.T.Dupont was also showcased, paying tribute to the world of racing. The Race Machine collection features the colours and codes of Formula 1, and particularly the famous checked flag, a symbol of victory. The Limited Edition Streamline-R Ballpoint Pen evokes the power of the classic American 1930's aerodynamic movement, with both it and the Limited Edition Ligne 2 lighter adorned with black and red lacquer, a characteristic of S.T.Dupont expertise. 6月3日から1週間の期間限定で博多大丸にマクラーレンコレクションののフルラインアップが展開されたポップアップショップをオープンしました!