Monday 29 June 2015

McLaren Event from S.T.Dupont Hong Kong

The McLaren collection by S.T.Dupont have aroused much attention among the younger and adventurous customers in Hong Kong. In order to match the racing excitement that the collection bring us and to create more buzz for them, an event showcasing the McLaren collection was held at Boujis, an exclusive club in Hong Kong on 28th May 2015. Partnering with a luxury and lifestyle magazine and a tobacco company, the event attracted more than 90 guests to gather around and feel the vibes and beats. The guests enjoyed the event a lot under the great atmosphere together with the engaging elements from that night. There was a 1:1 figure of Fernando Alonso near the entrance which drew much attention and guests were excited to take photo with it. And a special VIP corner was dedicated for the showcase of the full McLaren collection, where nearly every guest paid a visit to view the collection. With a large screen at the venue, the product videos of McLaren were played with an impact of significant momentum and motions from the videos which caught the eyeballs. A little spice was added to the night with a magic performance using an S.T.Dupont lighter. Surely, the guests were amazed by the performance and enjoyed the evening very much.